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Cobra Bracelet Collection

Our Cobra Collection consists of three types of Cobra survival bracelets: the Classic Cobra, Wide Cobra, and the King Cobra.
Fishtail Bracelet Collection

A very popular survival bracelet weave for those that want a basic pattern. Our Fishtail survival bracelet comes in two types: the Classic Fishtail and the Wide Fishtail.

Ok, so what are "survival bracelets" anyway?

Survival bracelets started in the military as a way of having super strong cord in a reallife survival situation. Made from parachute cord, these versatile bracelets are on-hand for easy deployment. Not only popular with hikers, hunters, and mountain bikers... survival bracelets have gone mainstream and can be worn with todays fashions.

All CobraCords survival bracelets are made by us, in the USA. We only use USA made mil-spec MIL-C5040H type III requirement cord that has a minimum tensile strength of 550 pounds... better known as 550 Paracord.


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